A Plan?

Alright, so now that I have begun my journey I need some sort of plan, right?  Well, here comes the biggest (or at least one of the biggest) obstacle for me.  I do not have the patience for “no” diets, such as “no dairy,” “no bread,” “no sugar.”  So, I will not be hopping on the Atkins bandwagon.  I need something that I can stay with *forever* – not just a few months.  Realistically speaking, I know I will not be able to give up breads, pastas, sweets, etc. for the rest of my life – who could?  I believe in moderation (I have just not perfected it yet, obviously)…and that is *my* plan – moderation.

So, I will not make any food completely “off limits,” but I will make myself take notice to just how much of something I am thinking about consuming.  When I am with my husband (who does not have a weight issue, by the way) I eat much less than when I am alone.  I know I do this because I do not want him thinking, “My goodness!  Look at the food she is packing away!”  Not that he would say that to me, but still.  I also hide food from my chicklets if I know they should not be eating.  So, when I want a snack I tuck it behind my back and walk carefully around them.  My biggest clue should be this, though, if I have to *sneak* food I should not be eating it!  That is the first thing I am going to tackle.  I will *not* sneak food any longer – starting at this very moment!  Does anyone out there do this, too?

An interesting thing (in my opinion) is the type of foods I sneak.  I do not always sneak sweets (actually, I rarely sneak sweets).  Usually I sneak cheese sticks or a Special K bar or even a handful (or two) of pretzels.  So, my choices are not horrible, my quantity is the “bad guy.”  I am not trying to imply I do not indulge in sweets, though, because I most certainly do.  I am just saying that really is not my largest hurdle to overcome.

Okay.  Now that I have made some confessions, here is *my* plan:
-No sneaking food – of any kind.
-Watch portions.
-Move *every* day (get out of the house, if possible).

I know my plan is a “loose” one, but I am not trying to do an entire “overhaul” of my life at once.  I know if I do that I will shock my system, and fail.  I would much rather make incremental changes that are more likely to stick with me forever.  What is your plan?  Do you think it is working (or will work) for you?  If not, what will you change?

I have already gotten out of the house today.  My chicklets and I went to the park to have breakfast.  What a treat, really.  The girlies were happy, and we all were able to breathe in some fresh air.  We plan to do the same tomorrow morning, too.


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