Accept No Excuses (even from yourself)

In my previous attempts to lose weight I have allowed myself to avoid exercise by making this excuse: “I’m just too busy today.”  Before I know it “today” has turned into a week…then two…and by then I have put on whatever weight I already lost.  Of course, that leads to me giving up.  Well, not this time.  No way!

My chicklets and I went back to the zoo today with another girlfriend of mine.  They were so happy to spend another day with the animals, and to be getting more fresh air.  Since we are not especially early people, we had about an hour at home this morning before we headed out.  After spending a little more than four hours there I had to race to physical therapy (ankle issue, pending surgery).  Immediately after physical therapy we had to pick my hubby up from work, hit the grocery, come home and cook dinner, clean a little, write a paper for school (almost finished with my degree – yeah!), and then get the chicklets tucked into bed.  On a day like today I would have normally skipped the exercise.  Especially because I spent four hours walking around the zoo, and went to physical therapy (which is also exercise…sorta).  That would have been my personal excuse to myself.  I refuse to let myself fall into that “old pattern” of thinking, though, and so I did my Just Dance 2.  I exceeded my “quota” of 1000 sweat points for the day (actually I am just under 7000 sweat points in four days), and I feel good about it.

Successfully achieving goals is about making real life changes.  I am working toward changing those “old pattern” thoughts, which I know will eventually get me where I want to be – thin.  I know Sunday is creeping up, which is my weigh day, and I am certainly hoping my efforts will pay off.

Do you find yourself attempting to make excuses?  How do you overcome your own excuses in order to stay on the path to success?


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