Weigh Day (week eight)

Ladies and gentlemen, earrings are in my near future!  My original choice is now sold (boo!), so I had to choose another reward.  My bracelet has also been sold, so I will need to choose a new reward for the next milestone.

This morning I met the scale with little apprehension.  I just had a good feeling about weighing in this morning.  Apparently, with good reason.  I found 286.2 staring back at me on the illuminated screen between my toes, and I was/am happy!  Elated, really.  That is 3.8 pounds lost this week.  Can I just say again how much I love Fitworks?  This brings my total loss to 25.8 in eight weeks (an average of 3.225 weekly).  I could not be happier.

This weekend is a busy one.  Holiday weekends always are, aren’t they?  We are heading to my mother’s side of the family later today for a BBQ, and tomorrow we are gathering with my father’s side.  My chicklets are super excited for both events.  They just love getting together with all the other kiddos and running around erratically.

I am looking forward to the upcoming week.  I hit the gym tomorrow, Wednesday, and Friday for solo workouts.  Thursday I am meeting with my personal trainer again.  I cannot wait.  It is my goal to try some new recipes again this week, and share with you.

How did your week turn out?  Are you where you wanted to be right now?  If not, how can you get back on track?  Remember, take small steps that will last a lifetime – not giant ones that make you fall.


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