{random} Thoughts and Happenings – Part Two

Here is the second edition of random things running around in this crazy mind of mine…

1. Graduation: I cannot possibly express how happy I am to say I will be graduating this month!  Two longs years of projects, assignments, classmates, and irritable professors are almost over.  I will have a degree in business by the end of this month.  How awesome that will be…  College is not quite finished for me, though.  I intend to take a break (probably into May or even the beginning of June) and then go right back in for a degree in graphic design.  The two degrees together should allow me great opportunities, and I am excited about that.

2. Dreams and Ambitions: As a child I wanted to be a teacher, baker, artist, singer/dancer, veterinarian, and many other things.  As a teenager I wanted to be an interpreter for the deaf, a baker, or a teacher.  Luckily, I had a sign language teacher in high school that was willing to be blunt with me.  Despite my keen ability to sign really well, she knew I would never find work in the industry.  Simply put: I was just not plain enough to “blend in” while interpreting.  I already had tattoos (starting getting tattooed at age 15) and my hair was already wild and beautiful.  She knew I had the talent, but that I would never work in a real life setting.  So, I laid that dream to rest.  As an adult I know I will never find work as a teacher (given my appearance).  That leaves only life long dream: to become a baker…

I love my kitchen.  She and I are the very best of friends.  I love cooking and baking.  Being in my kitchen whipping up delightful dishes helps me relax…it relieves stress I have built up over the course of the day/week/month.  In addition to loving it, I apparently have some sort of amazing knack for it.  People scramble and sometimes fight over my creations.  People beg for me to make certain things…or to share recipes.  Actually, for a while I was doing it from home as a {very} small business to supplement my income.  I have dreamed of (and actually planned…literally, with a business plan) opening my own deli/bakery here in my neighborhood.  The problem?  Would that be counterproductive to my overall health goals now?  Would that be like a recovering alcoholic opening and running a bar?  Yes, it would.  So, do abandon my life’s dream of opening this business or do I modify my original dream?  I am thinking healthy desserts, better portion sizes, and more fitness-driven environment.  What do you think?

3. Injuries: I hate that I even have this to write about.  Two injuries are plaguing me right at this moment.  My ankle, which is a constant, has been acting up…so much, in fact, that I will be back in physical therapy next week.  Yeah me.  Not.  The second is new: my left shoulder.  It started about three weeks ago (I think) and was just a slight twinge.  Now; however, it actually is quite uncomfortable…to the point where it prevents from doing certain things (such as lift anything over my head…including just my arm).  I wonder how much longer I will have to deal with this.  Does my shoulder not realize that I have goals to meet?  I need it to be functioning to do all sorts of great exercises (like curls, tricep extentions, pushups, pullups, planks, and even the ab dipper…among many other things).  Frustration.  Should I ice it? Heat it? Buy Icy Hot for it?  What do you recommend?

4. Investments in Health: Shoes and a sports bra, folks.  Athletic shoes to be more precise.  These are two things I have never purchased.  Ever.  The sports bra turned out to be much much challenging than I originally thought.  See, my build is strange uncommon.  I am somewhere between a 34 K and a 36 J.  Most sports bras are not designed for such a “small” band size combined with a such a large cup size.  They just are not.  So, I had to settle for a 36 G and hope to everything holy it holds up under pressure bouncing.  The shoes are already on their way (I am an Internet shopper, folks) and I cannot wait to try them on.  I measured my foot (per their instructions), so I am hoping for a dream fit upon arrival.  Denise is going to be so excited when I show up in real althletic shoes on Sunday.

What are your life long dreams and ambitions?  Do they conflict with any other goals and ambitions you may have?  How do you choose between two goals when they conflict?

How do you handle injuries?  Do you have any special tips or tricks to help heal a muscle faster?

What is your favorite “accessory” for fitness (such as your shoes, sports bra, special gear, etc.)?  Why is it your favorite?


8 responses to “{random} Thoughts and Happenings – Part Two

  1. I am not an expert… but… here is my advice – heat it. Use a heating pad, not icy hot. I say that because when I talked to someone from my doctor’s office about my calf strain, he told me icy hot give a sensation that might make you feel better, but it doesn’t actually reach into the muscle. Heating does something about increasing blood flow which promotes healing. Ice is great to reduce inflammation but only in the first 24 or 48 hours after an injury. Now the big question is if you should be resting or moving the area. When I had a shoulder injury two years ago, I had exercises I was given to keep mobility. But with my calf strain I was told (by the same person, BTW) to rest it. So, that all depends on the kind of injury.

    • Thanks, Karen! The bit about Icy Hot makes perfect sense to me. The heating pad also makes sense…guess I’ll give that a go and hope for quick recovery. Like I said, I’ve been battling this for a few weeks already, so I’m anxious for it to start feeling better. 🙂


  2. bakery- i have a friend who runs a bakery with his brother and another person. they are relatively healthy. gordon ramsay is pretty thin. so it is possible. but you have to be realistic about how much the tasting adds up and therefore eat less/exercise more (also factor in that full time cooking would keep you on your feet a lot and moving..)

    • J, I must admit I love your thinking! 🙂 I agree that it is possible; however, is it possible for someone who has a known problem/addiction to food? I doubt Gordon has ever considered himself a food addict, and besides, that guy spits out more than half the food he eats because it is substandard. LOL Thanks for the vote of confidence (cause I’m taking it as such), though!!!


  3. Hey Erica, as far as the investments for exercise…I hate sports bras by themselves..I have to wear a regular bra to work out in. Now, for us bigger chested women the sports bras make me feel like I have no support and when you’re exercising vigorously, honest truth, your boobs will get sweaty and rub together because there’s no separation in a sports bra. Well, I’ve never been able to find a sports bra with separated cups over a size C. So, when I was running and the boobies would bounce..I wore a regular bra with a sports bra over it. This is probably TMI, but just my experiences 🙂 Also, be leary of the fit of shoes bought on the internet and price doesn’t equal comfort. I bought some supposedly awesome running shoes from sketchers. I normally love sketchers..I paid $80 for these shoes and I hate the way they feel after a little while. I was at a store and just happened to seecsome

    • Stupid phone..sorry. But, I actually found a cheaper brand running shoe that feels like walking on air. So, it’s not always about price. 🙂 Anyway, I hope your injuries heal soon. And you may still struggle with being a food addict now, so it probably wouldn’t be wise to open a bakery yet. But, once you feel you’ve won that battle, re-evaluate your ambitions. Who knows you might find something else in you journey you might enjoy more than baking..maybe you’ll want to do something with fitness or opening a cafe with healthy foods and finding healthy alternatives to classic recipes. Who know?! The sky’s the limit! It should be exciting to think about all the things you can do..don’t dwell on anything you think you can’t do.

      • My goal with the deli/bakery was always to make it a heathier place…starting with fresh, local ingredients…everything made from scratch, and smaller portion sizes. I cannot tell you how many times my ex- and I sat around trying to figure out where to go only to determine I did not want to eat anything available at any restaurant. Not because it did not sound good, but because pretty much the only remotely healthy place to eat is Subway (around here, anyway). Of course I can get salads at other restaurants, but sometimes I do not want salad…I want to be able to eat off the “regular” menu and not feel like I just ate a week’s worth of calories in the process. 🙂


    • Charity,
      It’s funny you mention “doubling up” on your bra when working out. My trainer, Denise, actually recommended I do that exact thing with a sports bra. She thinks the support of my regular bra added to the “stability” of a sports bra will work much better than just one or the other for me. My sports bra hasn’t arrived yet, though, so I haven’t tried anything just yet. I’m actually getting kind of excited about the whole thing…which is a little strange, I guess. 🙂

      The shoes I picked to start were on the lower end of price when it comes to athletic shoes. I ordered from shoes.com, and they have a free, no hassle return policy if the shoes are uncomfortable. I figure I would rather start on the cheaper end and work my way up as I have to (*if* I have to). 🙂


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