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Weigh Day (week thirty-four)

I must admit I have mixed feelings about this day.  Part of me is frustrated, and part of me is content.  Go figure.

This week was a busy gym week for me.  I worked out with Denise Sunday and Monday.  Tuesday brought just cardio (Neil Armstrong machine).  Wednesday was self defense class with Dorsey and a hefty arms/abs workout.  Thursday was Zumba, and Friday was me floating around the gym for two hours working my legs – in the limited ways I am able to.  So, Saturday (yesterday) was the only day I did not step foot into the gym.  I was expecting to see much better results on the scale.  Not so much.


That is a loss from last week – one pound.  Again.  What is up with that?  Here is what is really strange…  Last week when I wrote my weigh in on my chart at the gym, Denise noticed a little pattern:

Week 28 – 4.2 pounds lost
Week 29 – 1.0 pound lost
Week 30 – 1.0 pound lost
Week 31 – 2.0 pounds lost
Week 32 – 1.8 pounds lost
Week 33 – 4.2 pounds lost
Week 34 – 1.0 pound lost

Can you see it?  So, theoretically, I will only lose another one pound next week when I weigh in…if this pattern holds true.  Of course, I hope it does not.  Losing one pound during a week irritates me, honestly.  Especially during weeks like this where I know I have worked *hard* to lose more than that.  I do not even think it can be explained away with muscle either.  I only lifted weights one day this week (Wednesday).

I know I should not find this *that* frustrating.  It is certainly better than gaining anything on any week, which I know some of my blogger friends have that to deal with.  Despite thinking of it in that way, though, I am still bothered by it.  So, I will be back in the gym today (in less than one hour) working toward a more-than-one-pound loss next week.  Here’s to hoping…

12 weeks; 5 days
29.4 pounds


Serious Fun {with a Hefty Dose of Pain}

Last night I ventured into new territory and attended a Zumba class held at Fitworks.  Denise has been telling me for months to get into those classes.  I have to admit I always find myself stopping to observe everyone in the classroom dancing, laughing, and having a great time.  I absolutely love to dance (who doesn’t, though?), so I thought it would be a natural love affair.

Denise and I discussed Zumba again since my knee malfunction came to pass.  I expressed concern that I would not be able to do all the moves (jumping/bouncing and the like).  Of course she said, “Then modify those moves, chica!”  After much deliberation, I decided she was right (yes, of course she was right) and I ventured in.

Here is the “problem” with me…I do not do “half-assed” things.  If I am going to do something, I am going to *DO* it.  So, when the moves turned into bouncing, squatting, lunging, and all the other stuff I am “forbidden” from doing…I was doing them anyway.  Maybe not jumping as high or lunging as deep, but there I was moved by the music and in the mindset that nothing could stop me.  I had an absolute *blast* and loved every single {painful} minute of it.

Once the class was over and I started to walk out is when the pain truly set in.  I found myself half limping to my car and wishing I had not done quite as much as I did.  As soon as I walked in my door, I grabbed ice and a comforter and headed for the couch.  I used the comforter to prop up my left knee/leg and ever so gently laid the ice down over the whole section.  The throbbing became so intense for a bit I could not even concentrate on anything.  I sat and stared at my ice pack.  Once my ability to form thoughts came back I found myself thinking forward to next Thursday.  How am I going to prevent myself from irritating my knee this much when I *want* to move.  I *want* to dance.  But, considering the amount of pain I was in all night (including so much pain it woke me up a few times in the middle of the night), I do not want repeat that fiasco again.

So, I suppose I will talk with my doctor this week about getting a knee brace of some sort.  Maybe wearing support that prevents my knee cap from pivoting/dislocating would help me move better (and/or make it hurt less)?  Who knows.  All I do know is I loved Zumba, and I want to do it again…this time without the hefty dose of pain.

Do any of you wear any kind of brace during workouts?  If so, was it prescribed to you (such as a custom-fit brace) or did you purchase it at the store?  Do find it helps you significantly reduce discomfort or does it serve more as a reminder to take it easy on that joint?