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Weigh Day (week twenty-seven)

Let me just start by saying this week’s weigh in made me *much* happier than last week’s.  I am inching closer to my birthday goal, which I may still not make (by the way).  I do not think I have mentioned this (although I may have and forgot), but my birthday goal weight of 225 is actually the lowest I have ever weighed as an adult.  So, going below that number should be quite exhilarating…and I cannot wait.

On to this morning…I weighed in at 244.4, which is a 2.6 pound loss from last week.  That brings my grand total to 70.6 pounds in 27 weeks.  Insanity, really.  I am actually speechless to think that more than *seventy* pounds used to be attached to my body.  I just simply cannot wrap my head around it.  Cannot.

I have started to wonder about excess skin this week, though.  For those of you out there who have lost a significant amount of weight…was this a problem for you?  Did you take any preventative measures to help reduce your risk of excess skin (such as creams or special exercises to tone/tighten)?  Anyone have any idea how in the world I will be able to tell if I have “excess” skin?  I mean, I am “squishy” right now…in my abdomen…but that does not constitute “excess” skin, does it?

41 days
19.4 pounds